Greenhouse sceptics

2019-03-08 08:15:02

Climate-change heretics abound on the Net. These greenhouse sceptics have a taste for the blood of climatologists, greens and any politician to the left of Genghis Khan. Like TV preachers, they all have their own show. At the Science and Environmental Policy Project ( Fred Singer vents his anger at US presidential hopeful Al Gore in a weekly tirade topped up with old letters from the Sunday Telegraph. The Center for the Study of Carbon Dioxide and Global Change ( is busy recycling 20 years of research into how plants grow faster if you pump more CO2 at them. More bizarre is the George C. Marshall Institute ( with its unique mix of greenhouse politics and star-wars militarism (“why we need the airborne laser”). Arch greenhouse sceptic Patrick Michaels edits the World Climate Report (, which carries many opinion pieces claiming to disprove the global-warming theory. He says, for instance, that most climate models fail reality checks. The World Climate Report admits to sponsorship from the Greening Earth Society, whose own site (www. greeningearthsociety. org) offers a couple of videos about coal and “a thousand links to more information about fossil fuels”. The best of the sceptic sites is run by Tasmanian John Daly: Its “lukewarm view of global warming” is full of good links and professes independence from sponsors. It scoffs at Greenpeace claims that record alpine snows are caused by global warming. Seemingly at odds is WWF ( which claims that “snow receding from the peaks of the Alps” can also be blamed on warming. But that’s because we’re getting more precipitation and warmer weather at the same time. For a reality check, go to the Climatic Research Unit of the University of East Anglia (, which, as ever, reigns supreme. More on these topics: